Tomo Design


Tomo Design is the personal brand of Resort Style’s founder Ian “Tomo” Thompson, an English born engineer and designer of boats to baths and bags to buildings…

Tomo Design is all about solving exciting design challenges for my own projects, and my important clients. I’ve over 25 years multi-discipline and multi-sector design experience, managing projects from concept to commercialisation in Australasia and Europe. I collaborate with partner designers all over the world, to find unique solutions, material and style combinations that fit the desired function.

My job is to spread the importance of quality, individualism and function in design, to help nurture home grown talents on our own Australasian shores, to promote lean and ethical manufacturing, whilst caring for the planet and its valuable resources.

We take so much inspiration from nature in design, yet we do very little to look after it. Once we hit that tipping point there’s no turning back!

TOMO - A Brief History

Jack of all trades, master of some...

My early career started in structural Design and construction in Europe. After working on several large scale commercial constructions that included multistorey buildings, bridges and tunnels I decided to hone my skills on a more interesting and environmentally friendly way to build strong, passive, eco-luxury homes in New Zealand. I designed and developed high quality homes that provide more insulation, comfort and health characteristics than perhaps any other house in New Zealand. I believe my “slightly larger than needed” home utilises less energy and has perhaps three or four times less energy requirements than a house half the size and built to the latest building code.

My journey took me on to investing in, designing and developing some intellectual property in the agritech field. I learned a lot about IP development and venture capital. After a few more investments and many projects later I now specialise in helping Kiwi companies design and develop their way to providing better quality products that have better style and comfort than their competitors. I work closely with leading European Lighting and Furniture companies presenting bespoke pieces to the Luxury Residential, Hospitality and Resort owners.

I do not deal with companies that mass produce furniture or lighting. I do not work with big brand companies (or countries for that matter) who prefer to pollute the world in the name of profit, or exploit their staff with low pay and bad working conditions. This is because I prefer to work with amazing craftsman who enjoy their work, bespoke designers who push the boundaries, and quality materials that last the test of time. I also importantly send my bespoke products all over the world and do not want them back because they failed due to production issues or someone cutting corners.

If you need design or manufacturing help, or just have a good idea and want to discuss it, please give me a call on 09 212 8457.